Study seeking participants



Recently Dr Hodges did a great study on exercise tolerance in ME/CFS. Her research showed objective problems with exercise in ME/CFS, which seemed to be unique to this illness. 


Check here to learn more about her previous study.


Dr Hodges is looking to build on her research with a new study. She is seeking ME/CFS patients and healthy controls to take part.



Massey University's Mobile Human Performance Lab will be coming to Tauranga from 17th June to 15th July. If you can make it to Tauranga between these dates, please consider participating in the study.


Aside from supporting research, this is a fantastic opportunity to gather individualised data on how your body responds to exercise. A number of tests ranging from anaerobic to blood tests, ultrasound and neurological tests will be performed, and given to you for your medical records.


One day, research will hold the answers to ME/CFS. It is awesome to see a New Zealand researcher joining the unravel ME/CFS!


To participate 

If you'd like to take part, click here for more information.


Or you can contact Dr Hodges: