Dr Karl Morten

Talk in Auckland, 12 December 2018


ME Auckland was proud to host International expert, Dr Karl Morten from Oxford University. In this talk, Dr Morten explains the latest developments in understanding the science behind ME/CFS.


The slides are hard to see in the video, but can be accessed here for viewers who would like to follow along onscreen.


Dr Karl Morten

I am Dr Karl Morten, Nuffield Department of Women's and Reproductive Health at the University of Oxford. My research career over the last 27 years has focused on the role of mitochondria in health and disease. Active current research interests include ME/CFS and re-purposing drugs which target mitochondria as anti-cancer therapeutics. I am a basic scientist by training with a series of multi-disciplinary collaborations around the world.


Recent research (linked below):





Over the last two years our research has started to unravel the complexity of ME/CFS by exploring the biology behind this complicated illness.


Factors have been identified in blood samples which can be used to differentiate patients from healthy controls with patients separating into three sub-groups. Active factors are present in the blood of patients capable of altering the energy production properties of normal cells. Clear differences are emerging whose role will be examined in more detail in future studies as we look towards treatment strategies and understanding the causes of this devastating condition.


During my talk I will outline our recent findings and discuss our future plans to tease out the most important factors behind ME/CFS.

- Dr Karl Morten